Trailer Repair

Our expertly-trained technicians ensure that your trailer is on the road making money instead of experiencing downtime. We have knowledgeable and experience technicians who know about trailer maintenance, how they operate, and what they need to keep from breaking down. We specialize in auto carriers and all trailer designs including general repairs, regular maintenance and emergency service.

While many of the issues with a big rig occur under the hood, you shouldn’t let trailer repair go by the wayside. From lift gates and flooring to lighting and brakes, the safety of you, your load and other drivers on the road depends on proper inspection and maintenance of your tractor trailer, and you need a licensed mechanic to perform the work. The technicians at CCI Truck and Trailer Repair have worked on all equipment for Alberta drivers since 1997 so you can come to us whenever there’s a problem with your trailer.

Specializing in Auto Carriers

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Trailer Repair
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